Hangzhou Saturn Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and is located in Qianjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City. It is a high-tech enterprise with first-level national road motor vehicle production access qualifications. It is also a member of Hangzhou's "Eagle Plan" and A national-level "specialized and innovative" enterprise.

As of October 2023, the company has a total of 466 employees, of which the R&D and design team accounts for more than 40%. It has a top-notch full-process system for engine design, testing and manufacturing, as well as an integrated system for motorcycles and All-terrain vehicles. The company has obtained a number of domestic first-class advanced technology and invention patents.

The company covers a series of products ranging from 125cc to 2000cc power platforms for cruisers, street bikes, imitation bikes, ATVs, UTVs, etc. It is one of the few innovative companies in China which is capable of developing and manufacturing large-displacement engines and vehicles.

Company Qualifications

  • Pureness

    Happiness is traceable and love is boundless. Through Benda's products and the accompanying travelling culture, everyone can return to our pure self, create meaningful things, enjoy the beauty of life, and expeirence the wonders of the world.

  • Technology

    Technology has changed our nowadays lives and is rapidly changing our future. Benda's continuous exploration and application of technology has established a new product height, integrating a sense of technology, a sense of the future, and a sense of security, and opening up an adventure journey towards the future.

  • Friendly

    Friendliness is Benda’s warmth and attitude towards getting along with the world. Vehicles should not just be cold mechanical machines, but a lifestyle full of warmth. We use friendly product design and a perfect balance of software and hardware to maximize the experience and strive to let more people enjoy the travel mode with easier way.


    Every product of Benda, is to bring extraordinary experience to riders. We hope to bring the satisfaction and pride of the moment to riders to feel their transcendent selves, so that riders can better understand the true meaning of life and enjoy all the beauty of life.


  • 466


    As of October 2023, the company has a total number of employees of 466.

  • 40%

    R&D management

    Among all Benda employees, design and R&D people account for more than 40%.


  • 2016 Hangzhou Saturn Power Technology Co., Ltd. which is owner of BENDA brand was founded.

  • 2020 BENDA motorcycle model Chinchilla 300 was launched and quickly became a super popular bike in the market.

  • 2021-2022 Rock 300, LFS 700 and LFC 700 were launched. Annual total sales volume exceeded 70,000 units.

  • DarkFlag 500, Chinchilla 450, and Napoleon 450 were officially launched. BENDA four-wheel portfolio RedStone 500, RedStone 500R2, RedStone 1000R2, SuperNovae 1000 and SuperNovae 1000 R2 are released at the 80th EICMA in Milan Italy.


BENDA is the brand owned by Hangzhou Saturn Power Technology, specializing in the design, research, development and manufacturing of entertainment personalized medium and large displacement motorcycles and All-terrain vehicles.

BENDA looks from history to present with futuristic and forward-looking aesthetics, created and formed BENDA DNA products with innovative and industry-leading technology. We are committed to creating pure, stylish and aspirational products with unparalleled industrial design strength, to ensure BENDA users experiencing the riding excitement and pleasure, enjoying the feeling of freedom and pride that all powersports enthusiasts are pursuing.


    To become a top-tier global mobility aesthetics brand.


    To create stylish and cultural products with aesthetic drive of designers and excellence pursuit of engineers, to provide new value connotations and emotional experiences for global ride trendsetters.

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