Revolutionizing Ride: Unveiling BENDA’s Latest Marvel at ECIMA2023

Benda debuted at ECIMA 2023 on November 7. As a new Chinese motorcycle brand, it’s our first time coming to ECIMA. In addition to the familiar two-wheelers such as the Chinchilla 500, Dark Flag 500, and LFC 700, a new line of four-wheeled ATVs and UTVs was on display.

There are six models of two-wheelers on display, from the Chinchilla 300, which has been a hit on the market since its launch in 2020, to the recently released unique Napoleon 500. They have different powers and configurations, but the similarity is that the market highly favors their appearance.

Apart from that, the five all-terrain vehicles, from the REDSTONE and SUPERNOVAE series, also have striking designs. They feature clean lines and high-strength chrome molybdenum steel and forged aluminum. Every visible exterior part and invisible structural part of the product is distinctive as if it were a technological product from another planet.

From two-wheeled vehicles to four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles, the form of travel tools has changed, but what remains unchanged is BENDA’s pioneering and unique industrial design aesthetic.

What’s more, the independent R&D of power has been one of our core layouts since the brand was established in 2016. We have developed our engines for many of our domestic models, such as the V-twin in the Chinchilla 300, the inline four-cylinder in the LFC 700, the V4 in the Dark Flag 500, and so on.

The V-Twin DOHC engine that appears in the five ATV and UTV products this time is still self-developed, just like the power of our products in the domestic market. At the same time, this is the first time that V-twin water-cooled power has been used in 500-displacement all-terrain vehicles in the world!

The maximum horsepower of Redstone500 is 48ps and the maximum horsepower of Supernovae1000 is 98ps. Both series feature intelligent electronic throttles, low-tension piston ring design low-torque sensitivity, and high torque, allowing for more precise control, lower fuel consumption, and driving at your own pace!


From the Dark Flag 500, the first V4 cruiser from China to the world’s first application of water-cooled V-twin power in a 500 displacement all-terrain vehicle. BENDA has not only expanded our product line but has also made another leap in self-developed power.

All of BENDA’s models are differentiated self-developed products positioned at the high end, and there is no doubt about the application of technology and intelligence. In two-wheelers, we have applied front ram-air design, automotive-grade electronic airbag suspension, cruise control, electronic throttle, idle shutdown, and so on.

The two series of all-terrain vehicles are no less than other international brands in terms of technological configuration, and their richness of intelligence is enough to let users enjoy a better outdoor life more freely and conveniently.

From many firsts in two-wheelers to the new intelligent technology applications of four-wheelers, this is a breakthrough in product innovation, but also BENDA’s continuous exploration of the future mode of travel.

In the future, with global design aesthetics and continuously evolving technological exploration capabilities, we will drive BENDA to leap forward to a higher dimension, create a more free, technological, and personalized mobility experience for global consumers, and provide diversified, unique, and future-oriented mobility solutions.

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