BENDA Debuted at the 135th Canton Fair

On April 15, the annual Spring Canton Fair officially carried out, which is the 135th China Import and Export Fair, opened in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Canton Fair is known as “China’s first exhibition”, known as China’s foreign trade “barometer” and “wind vane”, but also the highest level, the largest scale, and the best effect of the transaction of the domestic integrated. It is also the highest level, largest, and most effective comprehensive international trade event in China, and has long attracted the widespread attention of many domestic and foreign enterprises and businessmen.

BENDA brand, aiming to provide innovative riding experiences for New Gen, this time with many exported two-wheelers and four-wheelers, once again appeared in the Canton Fair. At the scene, these models on display attracted the attention of many foreign friends. The domineering appearance of the sport cruiser LFC700, the technological application of the V4 cruiser DarkFlag 500, the unique aura of the mechanical retro bobber style Napoleon 250, and the concise design and intelligent configuration of the four-wheeled vehicle …… all left a deep impression on them and also received their unanimous praise.

Since the exhibition started on April 15, all kinds of products of BENDA once again set off the purchasing craze of motorcycles from domestic and foreign merchants, and the stories and highlights behind these products, also let us see a different BENDA.

Since its initial operation in 2016, BENDA has regarded the level of industrial design of products as one of the core competitiveness of the brand, which originates from the designers’ team’s prejudgement and grasp of the aesthetic trend, and the unstinting investment in resources. In addition to the domestic R&D center, the international R&D team in Europe also provides continuous support. This kind of industrial design aesthetics, which is comparable to the world, is highly appreciated and recognized by users and is also an important reason for the continuous growth of BENDA’s market share.

For example, the export model Napoleon 500, its unique design attracted the vast majority of the audience. Its scabbard-style front fork and quite a sense of science fiction suspended single seat, all for this motorcycle have brought great charm.

In the DarkFlag 500, we can see another kind of futuristic aesthetic belonging to the cruiser. The DarkFlag 500 uses a self-developed V4 engine, which is also the first mass-produced V4 power made in China. In terms of product application, the DarkFlag 500 is one of the most technologically advanced motorcycles of BENDA so far, with automotive-grade electronic air suspension, millisecond electronic throttle, cruise control, idle shutdown technology, and so on, all of which make it very playable.

Design, power, and technology merge and coexist in the DarkFlag 500. It’s no exaggeration to say that the DarkFlag 500 is a comprehensive expression of BENDA’s global vision of an aesthetically pleasing brand for mobility and represents a quantum leap in product power in the industry.

BENDA’s ATVs & UTVs utilize a very futuristic family form design language. They feature clean lines and high-strength chrome molybdenum steel and forged aluminum. Every visible exterior part and invisible structural part of the product is distinctive as if it were a technological product from another planet.

In addition, BENDA’s configuration of ATVs & UTVs is no less than that of the products of other international brands. Automotive-grade matrix light clusters, aviation leveling switches, variable-size handlebars, effective thermal management systems, three-mode electric power steering, and so on, all of them are showing their strong charm.

In terms of ATVs & UTVs styling and craftsmanship, BENDA has once again proved its industrial design aesthetics to be on par with global industrial design aesthetics.

As an industrialized technical product, powersport brands have unique technical barriers, the biggest of which is the ability and level of power research and development, which, to some extent, even determines the upper limit of the market that the brand can reach. The products exhibited in this exhibition all use BENDA’s self-developed power platform.

BENDA has been adhering to the independent research and development of the power core. To this day, it has various fuel power platforms ranging from the entry-level small-displacement to the public upgraded inline two-cylinder, inline four-cylinder, V-twin, V-four, and so on.

At the same time, BENDA has also set up an electric drive division to actively promote the development and application of other types of power platforms, such as new energy, hybrid, and extended range. With the help of these self-developed power platforms and advanced technologies, BENDA is also actively perfecting more product systems in addition to the cruisers and naked bikes that are already on the market.

We believe that BENDA will be able to bring us more and more high-performance motorcycle products soon.

From the Chinchilla 125 to the LFC700 and the DarkFlag 500, every BENDA product actively breaks through the boundaries of technological application to provide users with a better “human-machine interaction” experience.

We continue to consumerize high-level technology and craftsmanship for affirmative action. For example, in DarkFlag 500, we standardize the application of high-precision technologies such as idle shutdown technology, cruise control, and electronic throttle. In Napoleon 250, we innovatively created a front and rear 6 sets of multi-link suspension systems. After several products were launched, we have also pioneered several industry firsts, such as the V4 cruiser, electronic automatic adaptive suspension, front ram-air system, etc. In the future, BENDA will strive to offer users innovative and technologically leading motorcycles by continuously integrating the latest technologies including AI, holography, and more.

From China to the rest of the world, the demand for transportation in the new era is changing.

Motorcycles, as typical self-gifting goods, are no longer merely a means of transportation but have evolved into symbols of personality, fashion, and a nice way to socialize.

BENDA, based on precise insights into the demands of contemporary young users, emerges as a trendsetting brand for the new generation. With a time-transcending brand vision, BENDA aims to satisfy, lead, and create demands for users.

For most of the product manufacturers, the Canton Fair is a window to communicate with brands, users, buyers, and agents all over the world. For BENDA, participating in the Canton Fair is more like a signal, which represents BENDA’s future goal: not only to become the trendsetter of domestic motorcycles but also to provide consumers around the world with more trendy products and more personalized solutions for all kinds of travel scenarios through the globalization of the market strategic layout. This is also the deep reflection of BENDA’s vision: to become a global brand of riding aesthetics.

In fact, in addition to the two-wheeled vehicle manufacturing base that is being put into operation and used, as early as 2022, BENDA spent 700 million dollars to build a new-generation intelligent factory with an area of 138,000 square meters in Hangzhou. It has greatly improved its own experimental, R&D, and manufacturing capabilities, and also laid a solid foundation for the road of exporting two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Being progressive embodies BENDA’s steady determination for excellence; Being pure interprets BENDA’s interpretation of beauty, passion, and experience; Being uncompromised embodies our resolute attitude in craftsmanship. It is because BENDA has always had such persistence that it can continue to progress in the market. At this stage, BENDA has established its position as the leader of the domestic cruising category. With many two-wheelers and four-wheelers exported to overseas countries, BENDA will continue to adhere to the values of “progressive, pure, and uncompromised”, and will also continue to follow our brand mission: to create artistic products to bring exciting, unique, and inspiring riding experiences.

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