BENDA 2024 Distributor Meeting in China

Benda held a 2024 brand renewal and national distribution meeting on 19th March, inviting dealers from all over China to recall the great years and talk about future strategy and tactics.

The meeting was held in Hangzhou, the birthplace of the Benda brand. It was a theater immersion meeting in Liangzhu Light Theatre, which is the first TOD theater in Hangzhou. In this meeting, we not only discuss a deeper understanding of the Benda brand but also have a clearer understanding of the next focus and development direction.

Mr. Xie, the founder of Benda, first talked about the stories from the year 2016 to now. Benda has made some changes and transformations these years, Mr. Xie mentioned our vision is to create a new mode of transport and to become a globally renowned aesthetics brand. In the last part of the meeting, Benda also released the retail price of the two new motorcycles – Rock250 & Napoleonbob 250 in the Chinese Market.

Through this brand renewal and work conference, we hope that with dealers across the country, with new thinking, and new things to retain passion and sensitivity to be able to face up to the challenges in this industry.

“New continent cannot be found in the old map”. Confidence, courage, and the spirit of exploration should never be absent, let us keep up with the needs of the era, follow the footsteps of the development of Benda, and face the market together hand in hand. We believe that we will be able to have a better future.

We together, let the world, see the new wave!

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