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  • The year of your company founded

  • Owner’s name of the company

  • Contact E-mail of your company

  • Number of employees in the company

  • Number of sales person

  • Number of service person

  • Turnover of 2022

  • Which brand/s you are carrying now?

  • Which country/ies are you interested in the distribution of Benda?

  • Which model/s are you interested in distribution?

  • How many dealers do you have now?

  • How much do you want to invest in Benda?

  • What is the total ATV & UTV market of your country?

  • The market situation comparing 2023 to 2022? And your prediction on 2024?

  • Which is the leading brand in your country?

  • Which segment (by model or engine displacement) sales the best in your country?

  • What will be your purchase volume of Benda in the first 3 years? (2024,2025 and 2026)?

  • What is your suggestion to Benda on products, brand..etc.?


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