Benda Motorcycle is pleased to welcome you to Beijing and to our new product launch event. Today, we introduce a familiar face with a fresh look. Though veiled, we believe you can already feel its aura and hear its heartbeat. This is the LFC700 PRO, making its first major upgrade in six years.

The original design of the LFC700 dates back to 2017, with a finalized clay model completed in early 2018. Launching a 700cc cruiser in an era when the domestic market wasn’t ready for large-displacement motorcycles took immense courage, especially for a model developed from scratch with proprietary design and technology.

The birth of the LFC700 is a tale of radical transformation. The engine, the heart of the motorcycle, underwent significant changes. Originally equipped with a V-twin engine, the final version boasts a 700cc liquid-cooled inline-four engine, ensuring robust performance across all RPM ranges.

Aesthetic transformations also played a key role. The initial futuristic headlamp was replaced with a retro round shape, incorporating a ram-air intake to enhance engine efficiency. This innovation helps the engine achieve peak torque at 6200 RPM, combining vintage style with modern technology.

Structural changes were equally significant. The chassis was redesigned twice, from a steel tube frame to a more compact, integrated aluminum frame, improving both the bike’s rigidity and its metallic aesthetics. The rear tire was upgraded from 240 to 310mm, supporting the new aluminum frame and enhancing the bike’s overall stability and agility.

The LFC700 embodies Benda’s spirit of innovation and resilience. Despite numerous challenges, Benda refused to compromise on quality, pushing the boundaries of design and engineering. This perseverance led to the LFC700’s successful launch in 2021 and its subsequent recognition, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in Germany.

In 2024, the LFC700 PRO emerges in a sophisticated black and gold livery. It features an enhanced aluminum frame, improved radiator design, and a newly styled exhaust system, among other upgrades. The new dual-chamber air suspension system offers adjustable ride height and suspension firmness, while the B-ConnecteD smart vehicle network system integrates advanced connectivity features.

The LFC700 PRO also introduces foldable electric light wings for enhanced high-beam functionality, ensuring better visibility and safety. These improvements, combined with the bike’s distinctive design, make the LFC700 PRO a unique and sophisticated choice for discerning riders.

The LFC700 PRO is not just a motorcycle; it is a testament to Benda Motorcycle’s commitment to innovation, quality, and rider satisfaction. As Benda continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of motorcycle design and engineering.

Thank you for joining us in Beijing. We look forward to seeing you on the road with Benda’s LFC700 PRO.

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