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To become a global brand of riding aesthetics.

As the transportation landscape evolves, so do the values of contemporary youth, who emphasize self-realization and value identification. BENDA integrates industrial design with distinctive aesthetics and innovative technological applications, transforming motorcycles into a trend in the lives of young people. BENDA aims to create a completely new vehicle.


To create artistic products to bring exciting, unique, and inspiring riding experiences.

Guided by aesthetic design and meticulous craftsmanship, BENDA strives to offer distinctive and artistic motorcycles, providing global riders with unique and exhilarating experiences.



Being progressive embodies BENDA’s steady determination for excellence.

Whether it’s facing challenges and hardships or surprises and satisfaction, we just go on with eagerness and passion. BENDA is dedicated to creating a mode of travel that belongs to both art and the future. We dare to break boundaries, and explore the unknown – it’s our initial aspiration and determination, our firm belief in excellence.


Being pure interprets BENDA’s interpretation of beauty, passion, and experience.

For BENDA, beauty is pure, passion is pure, and experience is pure. We endeavor to return to the true nature of human needs, the essence of riding, and use passion as the reins to genuinely feel the speed of the wind, the warmth of the rain, and the fervor of the sunlight.


Being uncompromised embodies our resolute attitude in craftsmanship.

We believe that excellent works are born from obsession and perseverance. In the course of our journey, our commitment and choices remain unchanged – we do not compromise for mediocrity, we do not compromise for conventional aesthetics, we do not compromise for established norms.

The driving force

Globally Unique Industrial Design Aesthetics

Leading Independently-Developed Power

Continuous Technological Exploration

Insights into the Riding Demands of the Overclocking Era



New Ride

Our design never confines existing frameworks. Instead, we draw inspiration from fresh perspectives and attitudes to shape a variety of new riding experiences in our motorcycles.

New Tech

The interaction between riders and motorcycles often requires technology as a lubricant. We center around this, blending the wisdom of technology in rider-motorcycle interactions.

New Trend

This means a breakthrough in mindset, as well as a dual blessing of confidence and courage. Even if not understood by the majority, we still persist in our own aesthetic style.

New Security

Setting high standards for riding safety is the most crucial aspect of our motorcycle. Through proactive safety care, we create a completely new and worry-free driving experience.